Experience and passion, focused on the customer

David Verhelpen is an independent interior designer with many years of experience in various techniques. With great passion for his profession, he takes care of all phases, from design to completion.

His basic training and initial professional experience is in the advertising world. What he learned there is still the basis for his work: put your focus on the customer. He gives the customer the best solution, and externalises this the best possible way. David Verhelpen adds his experience and passion to the wishes of the client and the possibilities of the room.
He designs and realizes with a focus on the customer, with a focus on the rooom and what it is used for.

This means merging artistic and technical knowledge. Both in the design phase and in the phase of realization David strives for perfection, for a greater dimension.
Everything is in harmony: color, form, appearance. The walls, the furniture, the floor.
David Verhelpen works with natural materials and with modern methods, all for an authentic look. Quality is always paramount.

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