Quality in materials, to get an authentic look

You probably already understood: you shouldn’t contact David Verhelpen for everyday furniture, or some white paint or flowery wallpaper.
David works with quality products with an authentic look and feel. Lots of natural materials, of course, but in addition to the traditional methods, there are now several modern versions that emit class (Mortex, Terra International, Kalei, silicate paints, ..)

A large part of our activity has to do with lime techniques, whereby special techniques combined with authentic products give your rooms a unique atmosphere. With the various lime techniques a lot is possible, from lime paint to lime floor.

David Verhelpen takes personal care of everything, from design to implementation. This way, from the start, the most appropriate materials are selected.

David Verhelpen collaborates with highly skilled craftsmen and carries out assignments for well-known architects and interior specialists.

Take a look at our previous achievements and contact us for a talk about your house or office. We are happy to explain what the options are for your building.