David Verhelpen brings your interior to a higher level

David Verhelpen from Willebroek is an interior designer / decorator, who can also bring your interior to a higher level.
Do you want furniture with more ‘soul’ than the furniture from the big chains? Should your walls carry a personal touch that is more than a layer of white paint or standard wall paper? Contact David Verhelpen.

With a passion for his craft and years of experience, he takes care of everything, from design to realization. You can contact him for furniture, totally according to your taste, and for custom made cabinets. With his lime techniques he transcends the traditional paint and wallpaper techniques, he sculpts the rooms. Always with brushes, specific materials are applied, to appropriate textures. David Verhelpen can be of service for all transformation of your interior, including chimneys, specific floors, ...

The great ambition of David Verhelpen is making beautiful and original interiors accessible to everyone. Because everyone has a right to beauty. This also means that he keeps prices affordable. By working efficiently and by being flexible, no money is lost: everything is focused on the interior you wish for.

David works for individuals and businesses, directly or as subcontractor. He likes to take on small projects. Large projects are handled by cooperating with other experienced craftsmen. David departs from Willebroek, but his reputation brought him to several European countries and even across the Atlantic.

Would you like to speak to David about your home? Contact him for a first discussion.